Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does anyone even care?

Did NOT have a good day today, so I probably shouldn't be writing - OR POSTING - this blog.  I realize that Michigan is the worst state for unemployment right now.  I am experiencing it first hand.  But really - all the beaders and the shows and the Etsy sites and people out there creating things - how do I get them to shop in my store?  I have just experienced my 3rd day of sitting there - from noon til after 5, and having NO customers.  Honestly.  Does my store suck that bad?  I think my stock is pretty unique.  I try to carry what you want - but I can't afford to purchase it if you don't SHOP.  I really really don't know what else to do.
Haven't sold a thing on Etsy.  Have no idea what to do next.
But hey, the dining room looks great!  Should be able to start redoing my walls and refilling my curio cabinet by the weekend.  I'm having serious second thoughts about spending extra time there during the Schoolhouse's open house this weekend.  Why should I even bother to put in the extra effort? 
Seriously.  Bad day.  Bad rant.  Let's hope my attempt at dinner is better....


LaChirris said...

Hey there. C'mon. Seriously. Peel your self off that freakin couch RIGHT NOW and be ready to want to endure.
Why should you even bother to put in the extra effort?
Because YOU want to sell.
Is your store that bad? What does your heart tells you?
You really love the stuff you are trying to sale? If that is the case, then just be patience! Don't despair! Patience and calm is the key. In the calm mind positive thoughts and great ideas come to you. It's hard to achieve, but you can do it!

Rose said...

Aw, hun. I'm sorry. I haven't sold anything on Etsy either but I posted my site when I still had a job and right now, as I was just laid off, I'm trying desperately to make more pieces for the site even though nothing has sold. Its the one thing keeping me from drowning my sorrows in a gallon of rocky road ice cream :P

This is what we love doing. This is our passion. I love what I've seen so far on your blog... ESPECIALLY the shop pictures.

I don't know what kind of advertising advice I can offer. You can try promoting your place on craft forums (I frequent Beading Daily...) or paying for ads in newspapers, but that costs money :(

I want to advertise my Etsy on some site but I feel like I need to have more first. You might be able to advertise on someone's site. Sometimes that costs a couple dollars a month, other times it could be up to $20... even more. Also, I'm told that people should have all sorts of goodies on their etsy... priced from really high to really low just to bring people to the site. I LOVE your designs, but as a young 20-something that is unemployed, I can't afford it.

Don't give up. Have some chocolate. Ask your hubby to rub your feet... it will pay off soon. I know it will.

Rose said...

Hey... check this out. I just stumbled upon this in my blog list. It might be worth trying...