Monday, March 22, 2010

Not much to blog...

Just haven't had much to say lately.  Didn't want to burden ya'll with another vent blog - but really, haven't even had a bad day.  Just blah days.  Nothing worth noting.  My dining room is still a mess, but with a free day ahead of me, I SHOULD have some photos of the brand new space by tomorrow.  I began re-decorating a little bit yesterday.  So transformation should be complete TODAY. 
I posted two more new pieces on Etsy.  Still haven't sold anything.  I know I have to be in it for the 4 month ride, so I'm trying to be patient with it all.   I did just complete a piece that I've had done in pieces and parts in a box for oh, about a year - so I will also have photos of that to post, and then I think it too, will get posted on Etsy.    If you haven't already, check out my site
Happy Spring!

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