Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leaf War results are in!

Here are the designs that we came up with.  Sally's is the top piece, with a beautiful Red Jasper and Carnelian.  I LOVE the pairing of it with the Cherry Quartz.  Now why did I never think of that?  This is simple yet beautiful piece.  Very monochomatic.
Mine is, of course, the next one.   My leaf is of Green Jasper, and I combined it with nothing but links of chain, metal carved ovals and lucite rounds that I spent hours wrapping.  It is rather funky - but then - well, that's me!    This was fun - I think we both enjoyed it very much (from the email jabs back and forth, anyway).  I wonder what I can challenge her to create next......
On a non-bead note:  The painting has begun.  We now have a color called "Sugar Beet" on the lower previously paneled portion of the walls.  It's sort of eggshell with a pale, PALE pinkish hue.  The upper portion above the rail (which I kept for my gajillion collectible things) will be white white, along with all the trim.  I THINK I'm going with a golden yellow color called 'Hit the Jackpot' for the big walls, instead of the turquoise or purple.  I had purple in that room before, and I just can't find a muted turquoise that I like with the other accents in the room. I will post photos when complete. 
TTFN.  Time to start my day....

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