Sunday, March 14, 2010


Uh, that 'golden yellow' wall color called Hit the Jackpot?  Turns out it's a little more like ORANGE on the walls.  My husband doesn't like it - but I kinda do.  It's only 2 walls - that will be filled with my fun and funky collection of sun and moon wall decor.  The other walls - the ones with the plate rail & cupboards - are a pale, PALE eggshell with a pinkish hue- and white.  I don't have the camera handy at the moment  -  I may just wait and do one big giant reveal when it's all done.
And speaking of REVEAL - are you participating in Use the Muse?  My piece is pretty much complete, and I'm awaiting the form from Scarlett so I can enter before the early deadline.  I hadn't expected it to go so quickly - but once I get a thought and a general flow in my brain - I just bead until it's done.  Can't wait until I can reveal it to everyone.  
Happy Daylight Savings time!  Can't believe it's still light at 6:45!

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