Monday, March 8, 2010

Just got a minute

I'm off for lattes with a friend whom, because life gets in the way, I don't get to see but once in a blue moon.  Then I'm off to choose paint swatches for the 1 can of paint I am allowing for the dining room.  We were GIVEN eggshell paint, which will go on a large portion of the walls, and on the trimwork.  BUT - because I gotsta have the COLOR - I'm buying 1 GALLON of a blingy color for the two big walls out of my (gulp) bead money.  I found a fantastic shabby chic sideboard that I think the antique shop guy is going to hold for me (he's using it as a display, so he'll just use it till I can afford it) - it's a pretty springy celery green - so I'm thinking of going with a very muted teal, or possibly a pale, but not pastel - lavender. 
And on a totally different note - did anyone that watched the Oscars last night notice the startling ABSENCE of JEWELRY on those girls?  I think only Kate Winslet and Barbara Streisand were bejeweled at the neck.
Not likin' that particular trend....
Anyhoo - gotta run.  Have a wonderful day out there in beady world, everyone!

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