Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here they are....

the moment you've all been waiting for - photos of the newly painted dining room!  I still don't seem to be able to capture the actual ORANGE-ness of the walls - it is a bit brighter than in the photo.  I am very happy with how my celestial collection turned out on it.
The other half of the room is the rail side - the bottom half is white with just a hint of a pinkish color in it.  Of course - once I added all my bits and pieces - who can see the walls?  I am pretty happy with it.  The only changes that we may still make is to the cupboard doors shown above-(there is another set on the other side out of the photo) - they may get painted in the same orange.  And also SOMEDAY - I'd actually like to put the dining room table on the orange wall side of the room - but right now - there is no lighting on that side.  The ceiling fan would have to be replaced with a lighted one - not in the budget at this point, I'm afraid.  
Glad it's finally done.  Later today - I'll post photos of my newest creation, and also a teaser photo of my Use the Muse piece!

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