Monday, March 1, 2010

Thought I'd post a few 'before/during and eventually AFTER photos of my dining room.  The new drywall will be going up today, and then hopefully, the painting will be done by end of next week or so.  I don't like that displaced feeling when it's all messed up.  This is the room that my 'office' is in, and where I work on my beading when I'm home.  It's just a little stressful at the moment.  In fact, I'll be spending a rare Monday at the shop today because at least there I have order, sameness, and BEADS. 
As you can see - there were a few surprises.  First of all - there was paneling under the paneling.  Once THAT paneling was taken off, there were numerous issues - including the fun crack in the OUTSIDE wall that you see on the left.  There was also the wall space (above) that contained nothing but studs, and an old water line, complete with shut off valve.  Huh.  This particular section of the house was built in the 40's, and remodeled by the previous owner who knows when - but he definitely cut some corners....I can't wait to show you the AFTER photos.
I think I'm going to be working with a blank canvas - white.  But then again - how much can a gallon of paint cost?  Maybe I'll convince him to let me go funky on one wall.  Although - if you can't see it - I already have a very vivid PURPLE trim and accent color going on.  That was funky.  And now I'm over it.

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