Sunday, March 28, 2010

I sold this piece yesterday

This is one of my early design pieces, and I finally sold it yesterday.  It's weird, but it seems like since the first of the year, many of my older designs have been selling.  Either to newbies who've never seen my stuff at all, or to regular customers who just haven't been very observant of the piece before.  I DO have a tendency to rearrange the items in my cases.  It's a trick I learned at the book and gift store - just moving a specific item from one place to another can give it new life.  AND IT WORKS!  I also rotate and put things away, then get them back out a few months later.  That was the case with this one.   I just got it back out of storage about a month ago.....bye, bye, Pink Beauty Rose.  I'm sure you'll make your new owner very happy.  Especially since she loved it so much that she requested a special custom pair of earrings to match - by SUNDAY!  Good thing I had most of the bits and pieces and seed bead colors still around after all this time! 
I will also have some bracelet photos to post in the next day or two.  I have decided to put it together as a class, and have two sample pieces completed.  Not sure I'm ready to start actual classes again - I like the more relaxing one on one meetings so much better - but I think this one will be popular enough for a class.
You'll have to see for yourself....

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Dawn Doucette said...

Sheryl, this piece is beautiful! It would have caught my eye in one of your displays as well. Very spring/summer feeling which is why now was it's time to sell!

Have a fantastic weekend!