Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Free Beads!

Another fellow blogger is having a fun bead giveaway.  I NEVER pass up an opportunity to enter contests for FREE BEADS!    If you want to enter - go to  for your chance at some cool little beadies.  BUT HURRY!  I think tomorrow night (Sunday, the 7th) is the deadline.
There.  That's much better than a blog venting about my life at the moment, and why I happen to be blogging at 4:44 in the morning.  Life. Is. GOOD.   :0)  That is my mantra....


Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks for sharing the love Sheryl! Hope you're enjoying a beautiful sunny, spring-like weekend in Michigan!

It's gorgeous here in WI! Take care!


Doreen said...

Thank you for blogging about my giveaway....and... Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop. You've got some gorgeous pieces in there!!