Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Heart Coyote

I love my new little space at Coyote Wisdom.  I love everything about it - bright, happy, spiritual, FUN - a very good energy space.  I have added more beads to the inventory,(with more space to grow on), and even had a regular customer from when I had the Schoolhouse shop stop and buy some beads today!  THANKS, LINDA!  I'm sooooo glad that the Universe has presented me with this wonderful opportunity, and I thank them for it everyday. 
Here is a photo of what it looks like today - after I added the sign, the tall bracelet display, and the rod across the top of the window frame.  I will be adding a second rod just a few links above this one - for SWAROVSKI'S.  That is a West facing window - so it gets plenty of afternoon and early evening light for the sparkle! 
The official "Open House" to introduce me to the clientele that don't already know me (I've been in the metaphysical arena for over 15 years - and managed a similar store for 6 of them), will be Saturday April 30th.  We are going to offer Mini Readings that day, too - so there will be beads, readings, food AND FUN! 
I'm so happy to be living such a great life right now - DESERVING and loving every minute of it! 
Bead happy!


Lisa said...

Congrats!! So glad things are going great for you! The name of the store you are in, Coyote Wisdom, is interesting. Does it have a background or special meaning?

coolmoon said...

That's a great question, Lisa! I am sure that it DOES have a special meaning to the owner of the store - but I can't say she's ever shared it. Maybe we should have her post the significance on the website, or even at the door. Thanks for the idea! I'll ask her when I see her on Thursday!