Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Used my Muse!

My submission has been made.  Now the wait begins for the judging.  And while I can't yet reveal the entire piece to you, I CAN give you a tiny bit of a tease until the big day arrives.   Scarlett Lanson does a wonderful job with this contest - I wish I would have been able to enter all of them.  I entered the very first one with "Scarlett in Chains" (second photo).  I kept this one for myself, and in fact, seeing the photo - it helped me decide what to wear to the shop today! 
While there's probably no more time left to enter (early bird deadline is MONDAY), I urge you to visit Scarlett's blog and/or website and read more about Use the Muse.  You'll be amazed at the prize selections, excited about the concept, and impatient to enter Use the Muse V!


Tatyana said...

Your entry is so wonderful!
Have you received the instructions for submission? I have not and i am worried it went to the wrong e-mail. Please, let me know if you got them.

Karyn said...

Good luck - it looks great. I am still struggling with mine... I think I will really be pushing myself to the deadline!