Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm sure you noticed right away!  I've made a few updates to the page, including the slideshow of some of my latest creations at the top.  I still want to change the background, add some fun new gadgets, but for now, and since Mercury is still all wonky, I will settle for figuring out and changing what I did!
Not sure what's on our 'plate' for today.   I know a trip to the library is in order, and possibly out to my parents summer place.  They've got company coming later in the form of an aunt and uncle that we don't see much - so we just may need to stop and say hey.  I would love to sit and bead, but since this is the last official day of my hubby's vacation, he may have other plans.  And that's ok, too.    Yesterday was sort of a wing it day, starting out with our beloved Farmers Market - which is dangerous when we don't actually NEED things- because then we're tempted by yummy things we don't need.  We got our usual sweet corn, string beans (that were yummy steamed with garlic and salt), a huge canteloupe, potatoes fresh dug that day, as well as the goodies that I can't resist from Samia's Deli - the lemon bars that are to die for, the cherry chocolate bars (equally delish), snickerdoodle cookies from the Amish farm booth, and of course - cuz the smell gets ya in the parking lot - kettle corn!  We were very, very bad - and it's all very very good!  Next stop was to a second farmers market - but for a different reason.  They were having their annual ART market yesterday, and it was one that I considered doing.  I wanted to see the turn out, the vendors, and what they were offering.  Boy.  Am I glad I didn't participate.  Just 5 tents - nothing in the form of REAL art, but rather handing out literature, a tie dye booth for kids, a singer (how this is art for sale - unless he had CD's - I don't know), and metal lawn art that was very crude.  SOOOOOO glad I skipped that one.  But I grabbed a frozen latte, walked around a bit, sampled some lotions, smelled the smells, and enjoyed it.  Then for a bit of something different, a bit macabre for some, (but something we used to do regularly when we were dating), we went to walk one of the local cemeteries.  My husband is on a geneology kick, and wanted to find the headstone for his grandfather, a war veteran, as well as other family members that may have been buried nearby.  Well, we walked, and searched, and explored, and never did find it, but we DID find the beautiful headstone and site of MY aunt and uncle, who both passed away last year, but their children chose to have a PRIVATE graveside service.  So no one in the family knew where their gravesite was.  This is a very important find for my Mom, for whom geneology is also a huge thing.  Combine that surprise find with the deer we stopped to watch meandering through, it wasn't a complete loss.  We came home, relaxed, and enjoyed the sounds of a thunderstorm, not severe, but calming and cleansing, despite the fact that it just helped bring the mosquito population to a new high.  Oh well. 
If I haven't said so lately - Thank You so much for reading my blog - now that I've added a counter, I'll at least know you've all been here, and that means a lot!  I know I can 'babble', hence the reason for name of the blog, and don't always have anything exciting to say, but I do occasionally bring something important to the blog world, and for that reason I shall continue....
Peaceful beading,

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Robbie said...

nice to take time out to just 'do'! Beading will always be there (at least that's what I tell myself!). sounds like a great weekend.