Monday, October 29, 2012

4 more years of ?

I don't normally CARE about politics.  I've never been a debater, a side taker, or a person that took a stand for one cause over another.  It's just never been the way I roll.  I'm one of the many that believes that most of the time my one vote doesn't count, and that my one voice won't be heard.  But this year, I've decided to TRY to care a little more.  Partly because of a friend's husbands decision and ultimate win in the August primary to run for a publicly elected office.  It's in my face all the time.  I've asked questions - for which he seems to have answers that make sense - which is refreshing, since most politics are confusing - for a reason.  Keep us guessing and they can get away with anything. 
All I know is - this time around, for the next four years, no matter who 'wins' this thing - we are in a lose/lose situation.  We keep going with the flow, and jobs will suffer, prosperity will suffer - ultimately people's mental stability will suffer.  BUT - change, elect something new - and the middle class will suffer, and may ultimately be wiped out - turning us into destitute, lowest class citizens.  Not to mention the disappearance of most women's rights.  That's the scariest one of all to me.  I may not ever need to take advantage of the rights I've been given, have earned - but knowing I have them  is IMPORTANT to ME.    Let's hope when it comes right down to it, if he is indeed elected - his vow to abolish them - US -  will be fought by the other politicos as hard as they've fought our current leader on health care issues. 
Sorry for this little rant, readers - a nap at 4pm has left me wide awake with a churning brain at 3am.  ~SIGH~
Thinking of hopping over to the bead table for awhile and finishing up the cute little acrylic lily flower earrings I started making yesterday.  After selling so many pairs of earrings at the show last weekend, I'm seriously in need of new.  These are simple and pretty.  Who knows if that's what people want.  You seriously need to be psychic to figure that out.  How do I know?  I don't pay super huge attention to the 'trends', simply because what's trending is trending in LA and NYC.  Not in the middle of the mitten.  Unfortunately, what's trending in the middle of the mitten is barely being able to feed and clothe the family, with nothing left for frilly things and beaded rings.  No need to get me started again - just go back and read from the top.
Peaceful political rant free beading,
And as a P.S., side note and after thought - my condolences and congrats at the same time to Detroit Tiger fans.  We almost made it - and DID make winning the division.  Not a bad year - just a heartbreaking one for die hard season ticket holding shell out big bucks World Series attending baseball nuts like my brother.  Sorry, bro.  Maybe next year....

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