Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bead Date!

I've actually had TWO beading play dates this week.  How fun is that?  Monday was spent with my friend Sharon, who enjoys working with seed beads as much as I do.  Didn't think to take the camera that day, so sorry, no photo ops.  We spent a nice afternoon getting closer to finishing projects that we've both been working on most of the summer. 
TODAY I had a play date with my very enthusiastic beading friend, Sally.  I met Sally at a craft show about 5 years ago, while I still had the store.  I sort of became her mentor, and as a bonus during the course of our time together discovered that she lives less than a mile away from me!  Here she was coming all the way over to my shop - when we were within walking distance of each other!  Too funny.  So now she comes down to shop from my boxes of inventory every once in a while, and I go to her house to play.  Today - we played.  Getting ready for the holiday show here at my house in November - at which she is a vendor.  Talking over our respective jewelry inventories, and making sure we're not duplicating.    Sally is still more a stringer (she's too hyper to sit and seed bead for long), and also does pearl knotting. 

A nice warm color combination, but still hadn't decided whether or not to add the leaves when I left.

We also did a little tweaking of these two pieces -- we kinda went pearl crazy with Sally's stuff today!

And of course - Sally.  My hostess with the mostest today.  Beads, tea, cheese, and triscuits.  Cheers!

She also gifted me with these beautiful babies:
Can't wait to find a way to use them that will really blow her away!
And even though we spent a lot of time considering her pieces, and talking about how to bead them, I actually got A LOT done today.  I FINISHED the Rachel Nelson Smith "Chiclets" piece I started during class back in July - ONLY because I made it a single strand instead of a triple.  lol. 
AND - Malinda's Mr.  Bee A. Buzz is ALMOST complete.  Just needs the bail.  I will wait until he is all done to show him to you in all his honey colored glory....
Another totally free day tomorrow, and probably a few hours of beading freedom on Friday afternoon.  Good week. 
Peaceful beading,

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