Monday, October 8, 2012

How to feel miserable....

My thanks to Facebook friend Hope Smitherman for posting this.  I started to post a rant about it on my Facebook page, but decided I could better break down my insight here.  
I'm not quite sure how I feel about most of these - and frankly, not being quite sure of the original source-I think they're probably talking about art in general, not necessarily beading.  But I'll tell ya - #9 has had me stewing and mulling since I read Hope's post.  I am a lover of seed bead weaving, and bead embroidery. And anyone who has visited this blog on more than one occasion has probably seen photos of my work.  I KNOW that it's good, and I KNOW that it is priced accordingly.   BUT - it's not something that is easy for me to sell on a consistent basis.    SO - doing what customers/clients/galleries, patrons, etc. ASK FOR - is going to show me the money.
Which brings me to #6.  I get where the writer is coming from - I THINK.  But in my case, if I don't let money dictate what I do, I could eventually be homeless and begging on a street corner.  My guess is that this person has a day job that brings home the bacon.  In my case - my beads are my bacon.  I do have a husband that is a good provider, and pays the household bills - but if I just did this for fun, didn't ever expect $$ in return - I'm just not sure it could keep me happy.  I would rarely be able to afford new beads and findings.  PLUS -  I am also of the thought that being paid for what I do - whether it's 6 bucks at a time, or 60, helps give ME, my work, and what I DO, VALUE.  So for me, it's all about the combination; all about doing BOTH - I create the detailed, woven pieces that I love, and manage to sell a few (two in one day this week! hooray!), but also supplement that with simple, but still unique items that customers ask for, and seem to want to buy.   And I still have two shoe boxes full of jewelry that I made, things that made ME happy, that no one else has wanted.  That makes me wonder as well - what DOES the customer/client/gallery owner/patron/investor want in a piece a jewelry?  I hope I find the magic formula someday soon, and until then I guess - I PLAY.
Peaceful, playful beading,

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