Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Preview and a shout

First, the shout:  I LOVE PicMonkey.  If you haven't tried it yet - it is so fun - and professional looking when complete.  You can use PicMonkey for single photo editing, or my favorite - collages!  So many of the art galleries and shows that I apply to ask for photos of my work - this is the PERFECT way to give them just that - simple and classy.  Check it out, won't you - the monkey will be glad you did!

Now for the preview - using PicMonkey, I created a collage of many of the fall and spooky Halloween themed pieces of jewelry that I will have at the show coming up next weekend at Haslett High School.  This is another one of those shows that is so popular - people come from miles around, out of state, and wait for all year.  And this year, finally, happily - it does NOT correspond with the MSU home/homecoming game that so many vendors and attendees also want to go to. (Haslett borders Michigan State University's campus).  So this show may well be attended by even more happy buyers than usual. Hot damn!

I think I have plenty of inventory - and, since I'm spreading myself thin between Off~Rack, Etsy and the Art Gallery in Owosso - I'm going to be featuring LESS of my everyday jewelry, and MORE of my holiday pieces.  I am trying to get a few more CHRISTMAS (yes, I used that word in October) ornament type items done, so that I can have a small table of those as well.  I have also been working on consolidating that "art show in a box" display stuff.  I think it's down to one box, one rolling cart, one BAG and the jewelry tote.  It's just so much easier to manage when I pay the organizers extra to provide the table and chairs. 
Today is my offical 'last day' at Coyote.  Still very sad that I had to make the decision - but with the addition of the Art Gallery for venues, and wanting to beef up Etsy before the holidays, it just had to be done.  Love them all - and hope I'll have time to pop in every now and then.  Complete opposite end of town from me though - which was part of the problem.  So far to go for just an hour or two at a time, little interest by the customers in what I DO, and just a change in the energy over the past several months.  Time to go.
And last but not least, I will leave you with a couple photos of my latest creations.  Not sure why sometimes I can whip them out in a day or two - like these - and sometimes it takes me a year. 
This is "Bark".  Not only is it resined tree bark, it will also be a gift to our VETERINARIAN.  A little word play.  Couldn't resist.
This is "Shoreline Treasure".  Since selling the Petoskey Pride pendant to Malinda last week, I felt I needed another Michigan themed shout in my line up.  I THINK this one's going to the Art Center.....
Hope your weekend is full of fall - colorful and fun. 
Next week is my birthday week - with something on my calendar for every. single. day.  Yay me!
Peaceful beading,

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