Monday, October 1, 2012

Creatively organized chaos

I've blogged in the past about my little beading space - my studio as it were.  A little carved out corner of our under used dining room (the table is my office - who knew you were supposed to EAT at it!), I spend quite a bit of time in that corner of my world.  But usually when I decide to blog about it, I have just cleaned it, organized it, rearranged it so it's pretty.  Well - today - I decided, after being prompted by a question in Facebook's Bead Soup Cafe, to show you the not so pretty side of my space.  The more day to day, creative chaos side.  The side of me I don't always like people to see.  The MESSY one.   It's hard to stay completely organized and be creative - my focus is on what I'm making, not on putting everything back in it's place.  And sometimes - it sort of gets away from me!

Right now it seems especially disorganized, since I'm in the middle of two custom orders, and have some big holiday shows coming up, as well as freshening both retail spaces where I sell my things.  See the sticky notes of pink and blue everywhere?  To do lists and reminders.  That sometimes get lost in the shuffle....oh well.  All in all - I'm still pretty happy back here in this little corner.  Those trays on the top left in photo one are still chuck full of project ideas and the beads to get the job done.  If I ever get to them.  It seems like there's always something - either a repair, or a custom piece, or a new idea, or a newer project that screams louder than the rest to be done.  Someday I MIGHT get to a few of them.  I'm still trying to decide whether to start at the bottom or the top!
So there you have it.  Creatively organized chaos.  :0)
Off for bead play date number ONE this week.  I have TWO planned, as well as a girls DAY out with a fellow October birthday friend, and a girls NIGHT out with friends from my crazy rock n roll bar days....FUN!
Peaceful beading,

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