Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Girls day out

What a beautiful day.  I finally got a chance, thanks to my friend Laura, to get to The Shiawassee Art Center.  What a wonderful facility.   I think I'll be applying for their holiday market.  It will shorten my inventory for my three day show - but, oh, will it be worth it.

We started our journey with a trip to Williamston.  Something keeps telling me that my future is there.  That there's something in Williamston that I should be checking out.  Still not figuring out what it is.  The only artsy place is something called The Artisan's Circle, which is a co-op with a large 'buy in' and commitment contract.  No thanks.  We did find a very nice place for lunch there though - and will be going back there again - probably on our way to deliver my pieces to the Art Center.
I was so impressed with the Art Center, and still want to take the tour of the Curwood Castle, which is associated with the center.  It's an actual turreted castle style mansion that is open to tours.  A bit pricey - but I think it will be a part of the next trip.  I love that stuff!  We also were treated to an unexpected find of a metaphysical shop call Mystic Visions.  She and Laura had quite a bit in common, and we conversed about our beliefs and gifts for quite a while.  Cute place - she's still new, so it will just keep getting better and better - and fuller and fuller I suspect!  All in all, a nice day.  We both needed the day out and away from our normal lives - and in her case, KIDS.
So now I have to start gearing up for the Haslett Holiday show that is coming up next weekend.  Displays. Check.  Tablecloths. Check.  Everyday jewelry items.  Check. Check. Check.  BUT - I think I want to gear a large portion of my table to HOLIDAY stuff- of both Halloween and Christmas.  And that - I've got not so much.  I want to create non-jewelry type items, too, as in ornaments, so I will be creating snowflakes of all shapes and sizes - probably beginning tonight!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall.  It has been colorful but cold here in Michigan - with an "Indian Summer" no where in site.  In fact, the last two years on my birthday (coming up next week! EEK!) it's been in the 70's.  This year - we'll be lucky to hit 60.  I think we used up all our warm this summer!  LOL!
Peaceful, wonderful beading,

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