Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little of this, and a little of that

Didn't have a thing to blog about for a few days, and then, BOOM!  Everything transpired at once. 
So here we go - up top, these earrings were inspired by the simple fact that my printer is running out of color ink.  I was attempting to print a photo of the denim blue, bronze/brown, and yellow/beige toned earrings that I sold to my friend Jaime this weekend, so that I could at least recreate the pattern, if not the color combo.  But when it printed - they came out teal, pink and white.  I immediately thought the teal and pink would look HOT - so "Hot Cha Cha" were born.  Gallery Market bound in a few weeks....

Next up - I don't always like to buy retail, but when I do (again, hear the Dos Eqquis guy's voice in your head) I LOVE find everything ON SALE!  ALL of my Michael's haul from today was 50% off OR MORE!  EVEN the SWAROVSKI'S!  Rare to find a good sale like that on crystals.  I wish I could have gotten more, and I thinned the pile a little before deciding on these, cuz that's a great deal.  I plan to use the strands of square and flat coins in the center with this next project - a piece with petoskey stone slabs I got recently:

This is probably going to be a bit larger amulet type piece than usual, so who knows what kind of time it will take me, especially since I'll need to stop and continue room prep and small jewelry making for the show. 
Room prep:   I have a wall in my family room that is painted silver gray.  Since it isn't feasible to change the color of the wall before the show, I'm changing what's ON it, and the wall across, which is your normal everyday off white-ish.  This first one I've had around for awhile - it used to hold court over my fireplace.  It will now go on the wall opposite the gray wall - with a few accents that I'm still working on.

THESE I found at Homegoods today.  Man, I love that store.  Hard to tell from the photo, but the color of the frames MATCH the frame above, hard to believe, and there are several shades of gray, along with some silver and faint hint of blue in there too.  I also got a deep gray candle to go on the shelf that resides on that wall.  For sure, I'll take a picture when I'm all done.  I'm still considering some wall words down one side.  BUDGET restraints.  And new printer ink.  And a husband that stuck his nose up at the idea.  Maybe I'll sell more stuff on Etsy.  I've had small sales two days in a row!  If I could do that everyday - they'd add up quick!
Preparation for the show is going slowly - I don't want to clean everything out of all my spaces so soon (it's not til mid-November) I LOVE my stuff, but know I need to get more done soon.  I've done most of the big front space, and removed all of my english garden/birdhouse themed items from the room.  And you know what?  I think I'm just going to take them to Goodwill.  I think I want to do something different in that space - simpler, more modern.  The carpet in that room is deep forest green, the couch is drab brown (I hate that couch.  There's a story about that couch. Maybe I will tell you about that couch someday), and the 'dog couch' is the white ottoman that matches the loveseat in the family room.  If I could get rid of the couch - and the entertainment center full of non-working and non-used electronic equipment, I would love to move my studio space back in there again.  (Craigslist garnered no interest.  I don't blame them.  It's hideous).
Anyway - it was a lovely day for doing ANYTHING outdoors, in my case - driving all over town to find the things I needed!  And tomorrow will hold more of the same-still need that ink.  And birthday presents for two frill loving little girls....
This is Ella.  Isn't she beautiful?  But then - Great Aunt Sheryl thinks ALL her great nieces and nephews are the best!  Having no kids besides fur kids of our own, we tend to spoil them all just a bit for birthdays and Christmas. 
Spoil time! 
See - now you know why I call this blog the babbling beader!

Peaceful beading,

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