Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How do YOU spell busy?

I can't believe how quickly my schedule changes.  So many commitments - but all BEAD related, so that's a good thing.  First up - the Holiday in Haslett show on Saturday.  FINALLY - some communication from the organizers today in the form of an email, with paperwork that is NEEDED, along with our booth assignments, to follow snail mail on Thursday or Friday.  Jeez.  Talk about last minute.  But at least I know it's coming.  Still working on squishing everything down into the least amount of displays - I may go through it again this afternoon and weed out a second time...
Once that's over, then I have to start concentrating on the next one, which is the Holt Holiday Craft Show, and getting my HOUSE ready for it.  Hopefully the girls will be coming to scope out the space I've allotted for them this week.    I am trying not to get too stressed about it - stress ultimately makes me ill - so want to get started early.  But not TOO early - with dogs and in home studio space, it's just gonna get dirty again.  Windows will get done next week, and I also hope to make enough at the show on Saturday for new window treatments and MAYBE some wall words for the gray (or as it's now known in the design world - griege) wall in the family room.  The hardest part is that I am a collector of STUFF. 

Stuff like this.  Which will all have to be boxed up and stowed away to
1. make room for sellable stuff, and
2.  keep 5 finger discounts to a minimum.  
It'll get done - I just don't want to start living without my things too soon, ya know?

And in between all the house prep - I'll need to take a day to deliver my jewelry to Owosso and the Art Center.  I still don't know exactly how many items they're allotting me - but I have some things set aside that I feel are gallery worthy - like this:

I'm excited about that oppportunity, too.  I just wish the openhouse and opening ceremony didn't cooincide with my house show.  I would love to be there amongst all the new possible buyers...oh well.  I feel good things will come of this gallery opportunity - and don't think my time there will end with the holiday market.
I also have a group of ladies that have booked a holiday gift making party, which will consist of approx. 7-10 people creating purse charms and earrings.  So kit making will also be in order. 
Besides these events, I also need to be sure that Off~Rack is stocked and happy, and that I'm listing (and hopefully SELLING) on Etsy regularly, too.  Whew. 
I also started a brand new project yesterday that I hope to have finished before the weekend:  "The Beautiful Season"

Pretty close to done with the focal - then I have to back it, and string the strap.  All birthday morning events, I'm thinkin'.  That's tomorrow.  EEK. 

See - BUSY.  With a capital ZEE!  But it is all good busy.  And THAT is ALL GOOD.
Peaceful beading,

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