Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ear-RINGS make it rosy....

Had a pretty good show today, despite the fact that I manifested TWO of the things that I didn't want - I didn't want to be on the same wall I was on the first year, and alas, I was.  BUT this time, just ONE spot over - placing me right in line with the center aisle - EVERYONE saw my table.  I want that spot again next year!   AND - never the 'student liaison' helper in the parking lot WITH CART when they're supposed to be.  Carting things in this morning at 7am PRE caffeine made a girl a lil' cranky.  But once a 'band mom' took pity on me and helped employ another band mom to help, we did great.   It just takes me a long time to set up my booth, basically because I DECORATE IT.  I cannot just slap a cloth on the table, and put flat trays and a couple necklace forms.  I just can't.  So this is what it looks like instead:

Lots of drama, lots of COLOR.  The purple lights down the center of the table were INSTRUMENTAL in getting people to stop and look.  I also had a 'sweet spot' where whatever I put in it seemed to sell.  At least earring wise.  I tried switchin' it up to a bracelet - nope.  Moved earrings back there - GONE. 

Sold practically ALL earrings today.  And not cheapy ones either.  All the beadwoven ones.  Sweet.

I also gave a 20% discount to fellow October birthday bearers.  I had at least 5 people take advantage of THAT opportunity. 

Of course - everyone loved the "Wicked" sign - surprisingly, no one asked to buy it.  Not like last year, when I could have sold my little foam pumpkin filled with daisies about 10 times!

My idea to display mostly Halloween and 'autumn' themed jewelry, though, wasn't quite as popular as I'd hoped.  Only sold ONE halloween thing - a bracelet - and the rest was all every day EARRINGS.
Earrings were the key this year.  Go figure.  Last year I sold very few....

The 'normal jewelry' side of the table.  I got many compliments on the grapevine themed pieces, and a few ladies recognized the one of the bust as being at the Art Gallery last summer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....:0)   Hubby had to attend a family event (with many members from out of town and STATE in attendance) without me.  He brought me these from the hostess....
So he SORT of remembered Sweetest Day.  I'll take what I can get!  Aren't they gorgeous?  And I LOVE the orange glass vase they're in.  Definitely gonna make use of that again...
It's been a pretty good day - made more than a few bucks, came home to flowers, baked chicken in the oven and potato in the nuker, getting ready to complete it with some Flix from Net. 
Tomorrow - the prep begins for the big three day.  Expect some stressful venting, ranting blogs.
Just thought I'd warn ya....
Peaceful beading,

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