Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some sad changes

It's been nagging at me for awhile.  I needed to make a major change in my life in regard to the bookstore.  I've had some sleepless nights, and long conversations with family and good friends.  Today was the day the decision was made:   I am, as of this weekend, no longer selling, working or doing computer input work for Coyote.  I just need the break.  I couldn't get hours that worked well for me, I always felt I didn't quite have what it took to help the customers, and that they weren't comfortable with me because I was never there because I couldn't get the hours - a vicious cycle.  I hadn't sold one single thing in over two months (until a pair of earrings yesterday apparently), and had to jump through major personal log in issues to make just a few changes with the website.  I just have a strong urge to leave for awhile.  And so it will be.  I will always love and be grateful to the owner, who has given me more than one opportunity and has been a support system of one, but even that isn't enough to keep me there.  It probably should be.  I owe her so much.  But it's one less thing I need to worry about.  I am concentrating on my holiday shows - and then - who knows.  Let's hope 2013 brings some bigger brighter opportunities.  I've added the address for the new little boutique here in Holt where I've got some things for sale - she doesn't have a website, so no link - but she DOES have a Facebook page if you'd like to LIKE it - Off Rack~Consignment Boutique in Holt, MI.  She posts mostly about new arrivals of the gently used resale items she takes in, but also features the artists as well.  It's a cute little shop - we're hoping for bigger, brighter things there too!
Working on a few last minute under $25 Halloween themed bracelets this afternoon - and then - one of my last shifts at the bookstore.  That will be awkward.  But I'll manage....
Peaceful happy beading,  I hope to be coming at you from a better place next time,

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