Friday, October 26, 2012

Gem shows

If you're a beader - you've probably attended at least one.  If you're a rock hound in the area - then the Central Michigan Gem and Lapidary Society show and sale will be the place for you this weekend.  And it is, for the most part - for the rock hounds.  But, just as with everything else - beads have woven their way into the marketplace, and there are usually some quality pieces available.  I go for the semi precious cabs.  There are two vendors specifically that carry gorgeous, and yes - pricey ones.  Two years ago, BJ's from up in the U.P.  was the seller of this beauty, which I just happen to also be wearing at the moment:

This is "Spirit Tree".  I had this in my gallery inventory, and my Coyote inventory for awhile - and then it decided it's true spirit was here with me.  I DO wear this piece quite often. 
The other vendor is actually a local one, that I could probably go shop with anytime I wanted to make an appointment - but again-pricey.  Archies Rock shop always has cool cabs and rocks of all kinds.  THIS is my haul from all the vendors today - alas, BJ's was really out of my price range today, but Archies' provided me with both the lab cabs and the blue and brown which I forgot to write down the name of.  Drat.  Anyway - I didn't do too badly, considering all was retail.  :o(  Found a booth with a 1/2 off box - always fun to dig through those.  Found about 4 different shapes of blue czech glass.  For some reason, I was on a blue kick today....
I think the strand of Kyanite (the biggest priciest purchase of the night) is going to go with the unknown stone cab.  The wheels of bead design are spinnin' up there, even at 8:30 at night!
And of course, as you would expect at a local gem and bead show - ran into several people I knew, so chatting was also a part of the event.  They always feature a booth with a vendor of finished pieces in the various genre's - seedbead work, wirewrapping, gem setting, etc. - I should check on getting a table as the seedbead worker - cuz I'm not impressed with the person that was selling her things - mine are much more unique if I do say so myself.  But THREE days.  Whew.  If I'm gonna do three days, I would want to be someplace comfy - like here at home.  OH WAIT!  I AM!  lol.
Settling in.  I think a few more episodes of Revenge are in order.  Good, clean, down and dirty evil drama.  You never know who's going to stab who in the back, and then turn around and love their mother.  HA.
Peaceful beading,

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