Friday, October 26, 2012

Gettin there

Even though I'm about 3 weeks away from the big '3 day', I also have a group of ladies coming for a bead party NEXT weekend!  So I'm stepping up the organization, but still wondering where I'm going to put the things I'm tucking away - I may have to make that trip to Good Will before the party!
Here is the wall - mid change.  Took everything down, and put up the two new ones.  Nice.  The coloring is perfect.  But it still needed....something.  I really want (still want) wall words in that empty space - but can't justify the cost, for one.  And still haven't found quite the right thing for a room that also occupies a man most of the time.  So.
 THIS is what I did.  Hobby Lobby had all their metal wall art 50% off - so this metal scrollwork piece only cost me $12.50!  It's very lightweight as well, so it's easy for me to handle on my own.  I think I'm callin' this wall good for now - until the right word decals find their way to it....
The pictures that were on this wall - found their way to the wall opposite.  The plan was to put the silver framed lily picture on this wall, along with the scrollwork piece.  Eh.  I decided I liked this a little better - LOVE how the candle shelf worked out - but need to change the little arc of ivy above the mirror.  Works for now.  This room is 98% done.
And as for the lily picture - it's back over the fireplace again.  Now that the pictures with matching frames are in the room, and I've brought in the pops of gray and black - it works.

Hubby says it makes the room look bigger.  At least he noticed a change!
Today I will be working on the front room again - making it presentable and ready for 7-10 exciteable teens and their grandmas coming for a gift making party.  FUN!
I'm also working on two different aspects of beading at the moment - prepping all 20ish pieces for the Holiday Market, writing out inventory, mulling prices, attaching just the right size tags.  It's harder and more boring work than the beading, but still better than a desk job, anyday!  And I'm also making some cute little keychain/purse charms using all those big hole beads that I was never able to do anything with.  I kinda like them - and may make more than I had planned.  I've also got all the pieces and beads pulled together for my next big embroidery project (starter photo soon).  It already has a title, which came to me mid bead match:
"Of sunsets, shorelines, and copper mines - a Tribute to Michigan".
I know, right?  Really long - but fitting.  Petoskey stone, copper accents and pops of red and orange.  All of a sudden, petoskey stone cabs and beads are becoming more available around here.  And who knows what I'll find at the Michigan Gem and Lapidary show I'm attending this evening.  They ALWAYS have at least ONE vendor with Michigan stone cabs and beads.  Oh, budget - I'm afraid I've blown you.....:oP
Off tomorrow to the west side of the state for a fun day with the kiddoes and always nice conversation with my niece and her husband.  Such a beautiful family.  Brave souls with 5 kids, especially these days.  Yowza!
Peaceful beading,

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