Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bead Table BIRTHDAY Wednesday

It's finally arrived.  The big 5-3.   At some point, I may actually decide to STOP counting - but as a fun loving Libra - I guess I'm not ready to stop celebrating ME yet!  Don't have much planned for the day, probably more show prep (a voice in my head in the middle of the night said I'm taking TOO MUCH), more beading, some reading, and tonight - dinner with Claudia and Mary, my summer show mates, at one of Michigan's BEST little italian restaurants - DeLuca's.  Their pizza is always voted best in the area, and it's been around for over 50 years.  Should be fun and YUMMY! 
So about that Bead Table Wednesday.  I don't remember to participate every week anymore (could have something to do with that nasty 5-3) but when I do - I make it count (read that in the Dos Eqquis guy voice - lol).    My new project is todays subject - and I definitely thing I'm keeping this one for myself.  This is "The Beautiful Season".  I finished the focal last night, and now on to the strap.  I think I want to finish it with an actual strap, although a friend suggested that a simple copper colored ribbon would look nice, too.  What do you think - spiral rope?  Right Angle Weave?  Or a ribbon to make it stand out?   I wish I could have this done to wear to my celebration tonight - but depending on my choice - probably not.  MAYBE for Saturday. 

I still have some crystals and some really cool agate beads that I want to work in - but not sure how.  I guess I have most of today to think about it.
Hope you have a great Wednesday,
Peaceful beading,

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