Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vanilla Skies

Or Sky, as the case may be.  Lookin' outside today, our skies are sort of a vanilla/gray with a touch of sunbeam once in awhile.  I understand it may be the calm before the storm, so I'm off to the Shiawassee Art Center to see how things are going with the market, and see if I've sold anything!  Draggin' my mother in law with me (well, ok, I'm borrowing her car-I have to bring her), so there may be some shopping and lunch involved too.  Haven't had a fun day out like that in awhile, so it should be fun.  Then I can hunker down and work on some new things.  Like this:
I made a bit of progress on it last night.  I think this one's going to be a pin, but I may add a short bail at the top for the choice of either.  Still no name for this one.  It'll come.

And as promised, here is the finally finished, and fabulously wonderful (in my HUMBLE opinion)
Vanilla Sky

Totally worth all the alterations and changes.  Think I'm wearing this one today.
Are you ready for the big man in the red suit?
Bella is getting very excited about Santa Dog's visit soon.  She can hardly stand it!

Have a fun and peaceful beady day,


moonlitfantaseas said...

Vanilla Skies turned out beautiful!

coolmoon said...

THANK YOU! I wore it today, and of course the folks a the gallery loved it!