Tuesday, October 30, 2012

YOU decide

Still thinking on that give away.  I plan to do another one, with the date of the giveaway right around Thanksgiving.  But what has me stumped about it, what I can't decide - is WHAT to give away.  So this is where you all come in - would you rather have BEADS (a random mix/soup) or a kit for a project (no instructions or pattern though - you get to wing it), OR - a finished item already made by yours truly.   The most votes by Friday will be the winner - and then the announcement will happen next week - so I will probably allow TWO full weeks of commenting and sharing before the deadline date.  LOTS of time for LOTS of numbers in that hat!

In the meantime - class prep, show prep, house cleaning, and a little playing with beads in between, of course.  My fellow bead friend Sally is even trying to talk me into doing yet one more show before the big 3 day.  I would have to reschedule something else I have planned to do it - but $20 for a space, and a decent  I'm still mulling.  We have a few days to decide. 

As far as playing - which is what I'm getting ready to go off and do - here's the progress on my latest.  I showed you the raw beginnings a few blogs back  - but let me refresh your memory - this is where I started:

And this is where I am now:

"Sunsets, Shorelines, and Copper Mines" A tribute to Michigan.  Lengthy title.  Big project.  Big bucks.  But these are my absolute favorites to play with.  They just flow and evolve and I never even know where they'll end up until done.  So fun - and rewarding when they turn out even better than I had hoped....
Don't forget to leave your comment and tell me whether you want a soup mix, a kit, or a finished piece as the next giveaway.
Peaceful beading,


Sally Anderson said...

Oh, BEADS! Always. The others would be cool too, but one can never have too many beads!

KayzKreationz said...

I like the idea of a random bead soup mix. That way I can do what I want with them.

kmorgan said...

Bead mix I think is my answer. Then we can let our creative juices flow. But the other two would be interesting as well. Just so I can participate.