Friday, May 27, 2011

Name that Goddess

Many other beader/bloggers have tried this - but I never have.  So here goes:  I usually have no trouble coming up with names for my pieces.  In fact - some are named before they start, just from pulling all the parts and beads together.  But this one?  This one has not even had a whisper of a hint to me since I received the pendant last year.  Even though I'm still not done with her, she hasn't spoken to me.  So now YOU get to NAME THAT GODDESS PENDANT, and possibly WIN!  What will you win?  Free BEADS, of course!  I'll throw together a surprise bag full of beady goodies for the person that comes up with the name I like the best.  And remember - I used to own a bead store, and still have quite the inventory boxed up around here.  So it won't be piddly.   Leave me a comment with a link to you or your contact info, and if I pick yours, I'll let ya know.  "Contest" ends Thursday June 2.  I'll pick one first thing Friday, June 3rd.
Can't wait to see what you all come up with!  TATA!


Lisa said...

I'm still here! Just haven't been on Blogger in a while, have been working on some tax stuff for my husband and my son is home from college. We're getting him ready for that transfer from Jr. College to Sr. College....lots of forms to fill out! And, my daughter is out of school and in the road (i'm still the taxi driver! She'll get her license in August!) but we're going back and forth to camps and basketball and friends' houses!

Wanted to tell you I love your studio re-do, and especially love your vintage necklace post. I love sparkle!! Hope you pull yourself out of the doldrums soon! I understand, though, but keep your blog. I hardly post on mine, but I love reading everyone's. It's my me-time (when I can get it!) :) Have a great weekend!!

coolmoon said...

Wow, Lisa, I can only imagine how much more complicated my life would be if I had kids to throw in the mix. I would probably not even know how to bead.
I think I'm getting better - as the photo in the post shows, I think the mojo is coming back, despite the fact she doesn't have a name yet. You didn't suggest one! I've got several names suggested by peeps over on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by - I will probably continue to blog, just cuz I like to.
Take care!

Lisa said...

Well, here goes. :) Coming up with a name, a good name, took me some time and a little research. I see a lady depicting the season of Autumn with full, flowing leaves around her soft face. So in looking for a seasonal name, I found (and liked) the name Akiko, which is of Japanese origin and means "Autumn's child". Even though I did not come up with it, I thought it would fit your lady beautifully.

coolmoon said...

Thank you, Lisa! Great choice. I will add your suggestion to the growing list, and I'll announce the winner next Friday. There's a few pretty good ones.
Bead Happy!