Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is the moon causing this craziness?

Must be that full "wolf moon" thing goin' on out there.  People are being crazy.  Or maybe their normal quirkiness is bugging me more because of it.  Either way -
People.  $1.99 for a bag of beads is NOT alot of money.  Please don't try to talk me down.
People.  Turning left from the right hand turn lane is not a good move unless you are from another country.
People.  Trying to take advantage of an antique dealer just because she's blonde and therefore you believe she has no brains is NOT COOL.
Just a few of the Saturday events that peeved me today.  Otherwise - it was a pretty good day.  Still cold, but sunny.  And that counts for something in January.
Still haven't had that frog day I blogged about.  Had a shipment of beads and crystals to put out - so it's been postponed.  Brought the project home, so tomorrow if all goes as planned....RIPPIT!
Great month at LRSH and Cool Moon.  I'm happy!  :0)


Lisa Crone said...

Hi there, maybe the moon is on your side! I will be sending you a copy of my book, A Bead in Time. Just need your address!! Announced tonight on abeadaday. Congrats! -Lisa

coolmoon said...

WHOOHOO! I won again! My Thursday morning prosperity group is paying off in BOOKS, at least. Now if I can just find a way to convert that into $$$!
Happy 2010!